How much Illegal websites like CoolMoviez are costing Film Industry?

As per the recent report from, MoneyControl the Indian Movie Industry average loss due to piracy is 18,000 Cr INR/year. 

Extracted from US Government website

Following text from the US government website, gives us an idea about the impact the sites as CoolMoviez has on the audience and also on the society at the macro level.

“The revenues lost from piracy affect carpenters, electricians and other craftsmen who work in the entertainment industry as well as the economies of countries all over the world where movies are made. Movie piracy can affect you as well, even if you’re not downloading illegal copies of movies” –

Legal ways to watch Movies Online?

If you have a smart device, it is really easy to stream movies online for cheap. Thanks to the price drop in the telecom technology, granting easy access to content you search. Every legal streaming website has 3 main services as given below.

  • Free Streaming of Movies online –  There are websites that allow free streaming of movies. Some are free to watch, whereas some needs registration. The only drawback with this service is that you have access to old movies.
  • Pay per Movie –  Pay Per Movie is one of the best services for those who watched movies once in a lifetime. You can pay only for the movie you want to watch. But, if you are a regular watcher, then this is not the service you are looking for.
  • Monthly subscription – If you are one of those who watches movies regularly, then this is the service you need to have. Websites like Amazon Prime videos and Netflix offers a monthly subscription.