Piracy is one of the biggest Crime and now is under a punishable act. Illegal movie downloads are most talked, but very few talks about piracy on Songs download. Similar to Movies and Software Piracy it is also illegal to allow Mp3 songs download. You need to be authorized to allow Mp3 Songs download. is one of the known illegal mp3 songs download websites and it is crime to download MP3 songs from Pagalworld.

Disclaimer: does not support or promote piracy. In fact, we are committed to fighting Piracy.  We are educating millions of viewers every month, about the impact of Piracy on the Film industry. We educate them about how piracy affects the Livelihoods of millions of people.

PagalWorld is Illegal, Governments block these websites

There are several complains against Pagalworld and after listing to all these complains Government has banned Pagalworld website. Any of the Record labels haven’t authorized PagalWorld to share their content. Therefore, Pagalworld is declared as an illegally Mp3 sharing website. As a result, it is blocked by the government.

Even downloading movies from illegal websites is a crime.  Indiatimes had recently published an article, quoting that “Soon Downloading Pirated Movies Could Land You Behind The Bars For 3 Years, Fine.”

Why Is It Illegal To Download Movies From PagalWorld

A lot of money is spent to compose music every year. Record Lable, IPRS, and PPL have the copyright on their content. Record Lable need to authorize Pagalworld for free mp3 songs download.  To clarify, Pagalworld is not authorized by Record labels. As a result, it is illegal to download music, mp3 songs from Pagalworld.

Why Pagalworld Does Not Have Official Website or Social Media Presence.

PagalWorld is an illegal medium that allows illegal mp3 songs to download. Even Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others have strict piracy policy. Therefore, Pagalworld does not have an official website or Social presence.

Legal Way to Listen/Download to Music

It is always better to stream or download music legally. In the current world, everything is possible. Thanks to the advanced telecom technology you have reduced the data plan. As a result, streaming legal music from any household devices is possible.

Every legal music streaming websites have 2 basic services.

    • Free Streaming: As per the law, all the legal streaming websites have the right to stream music online. All you need is a mobile data plan and legal streaming app.
    • Paid Subscription Plan: There are several websites like Gaana, Saavan that allows paid subscription plan (Monthly/yearly). You can enjoy unlimited mp3 songs download if you have a paid subscription plan.

Legal Music Streaming Websites

There are several Legal Music streaming websites. All you need to do is register and install their app on your devices to enjoy free music streaming. Following are the Legal music streaming website.

  • Gaana
  • Saavan
  • Itune
  • Spotify
  • GooglePlay Music
  • iHeartRadio
  • AccuRadio

The about are a few lists. There are many other similar websites that allow free music streaming.