Clash of Clans TH10 War Base & Farming Base Layouts 2018 [Updated]

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Best Town Hall 10 War Base Layouts:

It’s time for brand new base design. All recent base designs I featured here have become quite popular so that they can be beaten by more and more people. I gathered together the hottest solid base designs for TH10, War Base Layouts and Farming Base Layouts. Clash of Clans TH10 War Base & Farming Base Layouts 2018[updated]

Best Town Hall 10 War Base Layouts

Why is there no Resource Ring Base?

They used to be good, but now they can get very easily 3 Started with some skill – don’t try them anymore! We will write a guide on this topic soon …

Anti 3 Star TH10 War Base Layout:

This base is designed to stand against GoVaHo attacks, that you can clearly see from the Trap setups.

Anti 3 Star TH10 War Base Layout

Town Hall 10 War Base Design (Newly TH11):

The outside layers are made to get some Wall Breakers – sometimes you’re lucky and can get a large advantage when they move into the Spring Traps.

Town Hall 10 War Base Design

Anti-Valkyrie & Anti-Bowler TH10 War Base:

This base is created against Valkyrie style attacks – the Town Hall can be very easily attacked, but then there is absolutely no way to get 3 Stars from this base – a dead end.

Anti-Valkyrie & Anti-Bowler TH10 War Base

Best Town Hall 10 Farming Base Layouts:

If you’re a Town Hall 10 Clasher you know how difficult it can be to defend loot in your base.

Dark Elixir Protection Farming Base Layout Town Hall 10 (Newly TH11):

This very first base is designed to defend Dark Elixir at all costs – don’t get puzzled by the kind of semi-exposed Town Hall. It’s all for a cheap shield and your Dark Elixir will be safe in the middle.

Gold & Elixir Protecting Farming Base Design for Town Hall 10:

This farming base works a bit different – the Dark Elixir here is what most attackers will go for but keep your other resources.

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